1980 MOSCOW OLYMPIC GAMES Pocket Watch – Soviet Russian USSR CCCP


1980 MOSCOW OLYMPIC GAMES Pocket Watch – Soviet Russian USSR CCCP


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Soviet-made Pocket Watch to commemorate the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.


2″ dia. Hinged pocketwatch with boxer graphic on front/”Mockba-80″ on back of case. Watch face has 1980 Olympic logo.

The 1980 Moscow Olympics were boycotted by the United States and many other countries in protest of the December 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

This is a 100% original Soviet Russia USSR MOLNIJA (lightning) CASE POCKET WATCH. Made in the USSR for the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. They are becoming increasingly rare in the post-Soviet territories.

This Pocket Watch “Molnija” was produced by the Chelyabinsky Watch Factory (Chelyabinsk in RUSSIA). The Molnija clock and watch factory was opened on November 17, 1947. The company’s main customer was then the Soviet Union Department of Defense, providing them with wrist watches, pocket watches and table clocks. Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in Soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines and, eventually, spacecraft.

This watch is in excellent condition. The crystal is clear, the case is in good shape, and the face is bright. (Please see picture). Overall an excellent example of this rare pocket watch.

Mechanical pocket watch with a seconds hand. Features: Mechanical windup movement. High quality. Great design. N. Mint.

This is a manual wind watch. The watch seems to be in excellent working order. Everything seems to run smoothly when you set the time with the stem and wind it up. When tested, it appeared to keep accurate time. However, I cannot make any guarantees due to its age.

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